Dress/skirt hemming:     First layer $40; each additional layer $25.  Extra charges for fuller skirts, specialty fabrics, removing/bustling a train, and others.

Alterations to fit and style:  $40/hr. or as quoted

Per-hour charges may apply to hemming when beading and/or trim is involved.

Please call me for more detailed information or for a quote HappySewingJ20


6 thoughts on “Services

    • Hi Angel! Wedding gowns range from $150 at the low end, to an average of about $300-500, and can go up from there. It depends on so many things! the style, how much too big or small it is, any beading or trim, how many layers in the hem. I work very hard to stay in your budget. Here is my email: send me a picture or better yet, pictureS of your gown, and a description of what you need done and I will try to give you a better range of rates. Also, you can schedule a fitting if you like and we can get a good estimate done for you.

      What is your wedding date? That is another factor . . . I am booked solid through the summer, so if your wedding is in the fall or later we are good to go! If it’s in the summer I could only take it if the alterations are simple. I know it’s a lot to think about! But I am in the business of helping women look and feel beautiful for their special occasions! I look forward to hearing from you via email!
      Thank you,
      The Half-Italian Tailor

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